Α delicate French taste.

The well known French cold cut from fresh lean pork leg. Double pasteurization ensuring life up to 6 months with unchanged flavor, only 1.9% salt and fat percentage 0% to 3% maximum. Cooked, in a lighter version, or smoked, with a rich taste due to its smoking on beech wood, our ham is a daily pleasure paired in innumerable ways!


0115 10Χ10 SMOKED Β[Kg]

0139 SMOKED SLICED 1 Kg. Β[Kg]


0016 10Χ10 COOKED Β[Kg]

0017 10Χ10 COOKED SLICED 1 Kg. Β[Kg]

0018 10Χ10 COOKED SLICED 200gr. pcs

0029 SMOKED SLICED 1 Kg. Β[Kg]

0185 SMOKED SLICED 200gr. pcs