The PADERIS BROSS CO. has developed the Privacy Policy to inform users and visitors of the site of the information they provide and how they are used.

Visiting the PADERIS.GR site and accessing its content does not require and does not require the user to enter any info. Personal information such as surname & email address is collected by users who provide it to us consciously and voluntarily in order to further communicate with our company.

Users provide their personal information through a relevant contact form to contact our company for questions about our services or any information about our subject and the information we can provide them. So, the data is used to be able to respond to any communication.

PADERIS.GR is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its customers and takes seriously its obligation to ensure the security of their personal data by strictly following Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation). The PADERIS.GR implements all those defined and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 04/05/2016.

We will be clear and honest with regard to the data we collect and the purposes for which we collect them.

All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the data protection laws of Greece and the European Union.

PADERIS.GR as a data controller

The name “PADERIS BROSS CO.” (in this policy we refer to it by briefly using the name “PADERIS.GR”) in this policy refers mainly to VivaNews Hellas, PADERIS.GR’s core operating company and, whenever necessary, to other websites of the PADERIS.GR group or other entities to which PADERIS.GR has management control. VivaNews Hellas is the data controller of all personal PADERIS.GR customer data collected and used for the purpose of the Greek Data Protection Act. PADERIS BROSS CO. is registered in Greece and based at 32, TAOIOU Avenue, 136 71 ACHARNE.

Which personal data we collect

Personal data is any information that relates to you and allows us to recognize you, such as your name and email.

We may collect personal data from you when you participate in a survey or contest and when you contact us.

Specifically, we may collect the following categories of items:

a. Name, email address

b. Further information, such as the url of your website

c. Communications that you exchange with us or direct to us through letters, email, chat, calls and social networks.

Where, why and how much we use your personal data

Your data can be used for the following purposes:

a. Providing the products and services you request: We use the data you provide to us to inform you and provide you with the services you request.

b. Contact with you if you need to schedule a meeting or conference call. We send you communications about meeting or videoconferencing planning, since our previous communications have created a need for this and agreed with you as the next step in our communication. These communications have no advertising purposes and cannot be excluded.

c. Administrative or legal purposes: We use your data to deal with disputes or claims or even for statistical analysis and marketing analysis, system testing, customer inquiries, maintenance and development, and Please note that we may create a data profile with the data we collect from you for statistical analysis and marketing analysis. Any activity creating a profile will take place only after your consent and making the most effort to ensure that all the data on which these profiles are based is accurate. By providing personal data you expressly agree that we may use them to perform profile-building activities in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

d. Safety, health, administration, crime prevention / detection: We may send your data to government or law enforcement agencies to comply with legal requirements.

e. Contacting Customer Service: We use your data to manage our relationship with you as a customer, improve our services and upgrade your experience.

f. Custom Services: We use your data to provide you with information that we think you are interested before, during and after your business relationship with us, also to customize the services we offer, such as new services, new technologies and special offers.

g. Marketing: From time to time, we communicate with you by emailing and provide you with information on new technologies, new services and ancillary products. However, you may choose to receive or not this communication, stating it at your first contact with us or at any other time. Also, in every electronic contact you will have the opportunity to indicate that you no longer wish to receive the direct marketing material.

We process your personal data only when we have a legal basis for doing so. The legal basis depends on the reasons we have collected, and we need to use your personal data.

In most cases, we need to process your personal data so that we can conclude the partnership agreement with us.

We may also process your personal data for the following reasons:

To comply with a legal obligation

Because you have given us your consent to use your personal data (e.g., for marketing purposes)

To protect your business, your personal or professional reputation (eg in an emergency purposes)

Due to our legitimate interests in our operation as an Internet Service Provider (eg for administrative purposes).


Only people aged 18 and above can provide their own consent. Children under this age require the consent of parents or legal guardians.

We do not maintain your data for a longer period than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it is being processed. To determine the appropriate retention time, we consider the quantity, nature and sensitivity of personal data, the purposes for which we process it, and the ability to achieve these goals by other means.

We also consider the time intervals for which we may need to keep personal data in order to meet our professional or legal obligations or to answer questions and to protect our legitimate rights.

When we no longer need your personal information, we will delete or destroy it safely. We also take into account whether and how we can minimize over time the personal data we use and whether we can keep them anonymous so that they can no longer be associated with you or identify you. In this case, we may use them without further notice.

The security of your personal data

We follow strict security procedures when storing and disclosing your personal data and protecting them against accidental loss, destruction or damage. The data you provide us is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL is the industry’s leading method of encrypting personal information and credit card information to ensure secure online transfer.

All communications are transferred through a secure SSL connection to a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and stored in accordance with all modern Data Security standards.

We may disclose your data to trusted third parties for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. We require all third parties to have the appropriate technical and operational security measures to protect your personal data, in accordance with the data protection laws of Greece and the EU.

International data transmission

PADERIS.GR operates in jurisdictions located in the European Economic Area (EEA). Although the EEA countries have always strong single data protection legislation, for additional security, we require all service providers to process your data safely and in accordance with the data protection laws of Greece and the EU.

Sharing your personal data

We may also share your personal data with the following third parties for the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

a. Government authorities, law enforcement agencies and regulators to comply with legal requirements

b. Reliable internet service providers, our collaboration with which we need to provide you with our services, e.g. data centers, web hosting companies, High technology companies such as Microsoft, social networks, call centers that support our customers, cloud providers and e-mail marketing services, helping the marketing team by conducting customer surveys and performing targeted marketing campaigns, etc.

c. Banks and credit and debit card companies that may need information in order to technically support the addition of an online shopping opportunity to the website that you have requested us to build on your behalf and to ensure the security of transactions and payments to it.

d. Legal and other professional consultants, courts and law enforcement agencies in all countries in which we operate in order to exercise our legal rights under our contract with you

e. Reliable assistants who can promote / or provide our site with products and services related to our subject. If you choose to purchase products or services offered on our sites by third parties, you may become a customer of both PADERIS.GR and those third parties, and our affiliates may collect and exchange information about you, such as contact details you. We are not responsible for the use of your personal data by third parties when their use is permitted for their own purposes. For more information, consult their privacy policies.

f. Social networks: Through our site and apps or before you visit our website and apps, you may have access to third-party social networks. When you are registered with your social media account, we will receive the personal data you choose to share with us through these social media in accordance with their privacy settings to improve and personalize the use of our site or our application. We may use social media links on our site or app. This will result in your data being communicated to your social media provider and possibly in your social networking profile and being accessible to others on your network. Please consult the privacy statement of these third party social media providers to learn more about these practices.

Cookie and site tracking

This site uses cookies to help us improve the services we offer and provide you with specific features you may find useful. This may include cookies of our media and ad partners placed on your computer when you visit our site or app. Visit our partner sites for information on their privacy and cookie policy.

Cookies are small text files that are transferred to your computer’s hard drive through your browser, so we can recognize your browser and keep track of our site visitors. That’s how we better understand what products and services are best for you. A cookie contains information that will allow us to recognize your computer when you browse our site so that we can help you navigate your navigation. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you wish, you can change your browser settings to accept, reject, or delete cookies. The “Help” option in the toolbar of most browsers explains how to prevent your browser from accepting a new cookie, how to set it up to inform you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable all cookies. If you choose to change these settings, you may find that some features and features do not work as intended. The cookies we use do not detect any information stored on your computer.

For more information about cookies and how to prevent them from being installed, visit the following website:

We use tracking software to monitor our customers’ traffic patterns, as well as the use of the site, to help develop site design and layout. This software does not allow us to record any personal user information.

Data Protection Officer

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) to oversee compliance with this policy. If you have any questions about this policy or how we handle your personal information, please contact the DPO at info@PADERIS.GR You have the right to submit a complaint at any time to a supervisor. The Hellenic Data Protection Authority is the primary data protection supervisor for PADERIS.GR as a data controller.

Your rights to data protection

Under certain circumstances and law, you have the right:

You have the right If you wish to send an email to the DPO at info@PADERIS.GR or post mail to our DPO at PADERIS BROSS CO. 32, TATOIOY AVE. 136 71 ACHARNE GREECE.

You will not need to pay a fee to access your personal data (or any of the other rights). However, we may charge you a reasonable fee if your request for access is clearly unfounded or excessive Alternatively, in such cases, we may refuse to meet your request.

We may need to ask you for specific information in order to be able to confirm your identity and to guarantee your right to access your data (or to experience any of your other rights). This is another important safety measure so that personal data will not be disclosed to any person who does not have the right to receive them.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy may change from time to time, and any changes to the privacy statement will be posted on our site at

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