Secret spices embrace the tender meat.

Its history is lost somewhere in the East and it has been starring among the cured meats ever since! Sujuk is made exclusively of beef and sheep meat with a host of secret spices that embrace the tender meat and intensify its taste.

The curing of the meat occurs naturally under perfectly controlled conditions of temperature and humidity that will ensure the product’s quality.

Spicy and intense, with a ruby colour and velvet-like texture, we offer the authentic sujuk of the old world, PADERIS BROS sujuk!


0537 STICK SLICED 500gr. Β[Kg]

0002 U-SHAPE 400gr. Β[Kg]
0317 U-SHAPE 2 Kg. Β[Kg]

0004 STICK 400gr. Β[Kg]

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