It takes time to grow, to mature and this is how we make the finest salami.

The perfect salami has got two basic secrets of success: the careful selection of meat and the ritual of maturity that is not interrupted or accelerated, until its curing time is up, to make the perfectly ripe dish. Our dry salami takes time to grow healthy and vigorous developing full flavors with an

array of all sorts of seasonings from various places in Greece and Europe.


0164 DRY SPICY Β[Kg]  

0165 DRY Β[Kg]

0162 DRY /SLICED 1 Kg. Β[Kg]

0166 DRY /SLICED 150gr. Β[Kg]

0439 DRY – LEYKADA type 210gr. pcs

0450 DRY MINI 220gr. Β[Kg]

0936 SPICY DRY SALAMI / SLICED 500gr. Β [Kg]

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